About Us

Who We Are

Med-Excel Academy is an institution whose main raison d’être is to train health care professionals using relatable, thorough, practicable and modernised education methods. Our approach to training is derived from continuous research, client satisfaction and the vast experience of our staff.

Our courses are specially designed to prepare healthcare trainees and organisations for real life healthcare situations. To achieve this, our courses aim to theoretically equip, build skills and train our students on how to apply acquired knowledge in ways that will benefit their clients and organisations at large. Strategically, our courses are grouped into two, Mandatory skills training and Complex Care Training for effective and efficient pedagogical delivery.

We use a wholesome approach in our training, where we emphasize on the need for well trained and competent staff and drive towards the organisational goals.


Our Mission

To offer healthcare training services to trainees and organisations with the expected end results of employee high performance, client satisfaction and healthcare business success.

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