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FirstPoint CTS Pvt Ltd is a Consultancy and Corporate training firm, whose headquarters are in Leicester, United kingdom, but servicing the African market through its Harare Regional Offices. We have a strong presence in 8 different countries worldwide, five of which are in Africa namely, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi,  eSwatini and Zimbabwe. We are a CPD Accredited training provider as well as an Approved Centre for Workplace Training and Development. We have a huge portfolio of 450 accredited high impact courses, offering our clients a choice of Face-to-Face or Self-paced Online training. We have different flexible packages to suit different organisational budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

FirstPoint CTS is registered in England and Wales as a Consulting and training company. The company is based in Leicester and is accredited to deliver a wide range of Corporate training courses, in Health and Social Care, Leadership and Management and a wide range of workplace training courses. We are an approved Trainer Centre for Health and Social Care courses. Our online courses are all CPD accredited. We are also a CPD accredited provider. All our experienced trainers are CPD accredited. We are also a member of the Association of Healthcare Trainers (AoHCT) and a member of the CPD Group.

CTS stands for Corporate Training Services

(a) The face-to-face training which is classroom based, personally delivered by one or two of our very skilful and experienced trainers. All our trainers are CPD accredited and are dotted around the continent to facilitate quality face-to-face  courses at relatively short notice. 

(b) Online training. This is self-paced, meaning there is no trainer but the candidate is working through online material on their own in their own time, place and device. All they need is a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, with access to internet or data. This option is especially suitable for those who maybe too busy to attend the face-2-face training because of work commitments, or those too far away from the centre. Some choose this simply for the freedom and convenience that it offers. After the payment has been received, login details are send by email, and then the person can start training straight away.

(C) Virtual Training. This is very much like face-to-face, but the trainer is seen on the screen rather than in front of the actual classroom. But the interaction is the same and you see and hear each other as in the normal class. The only difference is that the trainer is not physically there. The course takes two days exactly like the face to face. This is suitable for those who may be in different places and countries who can’t come to the face-to-face Centre. But it needs good internet or continuous data use for those two full days. We run virtual training sessions once per month or on demand.

Face-to-face Training

Training fees are quoted based of a number of factors, ie:

  1. Number of participants
  2. Level of participants
  3. Client or CTS venue to be used?
  4. Duration of course
  5. Urgency of course.

The final quote can still be negotiated.

Virtual Training

As above but is more cost effective as there are no logistic issues involved.
Online Training

This depends on the package chosen. We have choice of two different models:

  1. Per-user-License
  2. Credits model

Our Account Managers will be happy to walk you through the different packages, advising you based on your needs.

This broadly varies depending on each person's circumstances, and how much time they are investing in the training. Some people with a bit more time will take less time to finish than someone with more commitments. The range is therefore from a few hours to weeks for some people

This is entirely down to each to each  individual’s choice and circumstances.  This is like asking ‘what is better, an orange or an apple?’ They are both delicious and healthy but different in taste and texture and colour. Down to preference.

Send us the following:

  • Full name including middle names
  • Address of candidate
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Make the payment

Alternatively, just complete our short Online Course Booking form on the website homepage, and submit. You will receive information about payment details.

As soon as payment is received, login details are send by email. Start to train.

1. Pay cash at our advertised Harare Training Venue (Please ask venue details)


2. Pay into our UK bank account by bank transfer

3. Corporate clients will be advised of our local  bank details.

Our courses are for a whole range of industry categories, from Financial Services, Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Hospitality, to IT, Education, Health etc. In short, every industry can pick relevant courses to develop their staff. With a course course portfolio of over 450 courses, no industry has been left behind.


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