Personal Effectiveness Courses

Being assertive can be a challenge for many of us and finding the appropriate way is not always easy. This workshop helps participants by providing practical advice and approaches to being assertive.

Building trust is super important when it comes to having productive working relationships with others. Trust can be built over time, but often we need to establish a higher level of trust quicker. Participants explore how to create the appropriate level of trust with others

Even confident employees find themselves having challenging conversations that they find difficult to navigate. This workshop provides participants with the know-how to prepare and have these conversations whilst maintaining a relationship.

This workshop explores what is at the heart of great communication. Whether participants want to communicate better with colleagues, stakeholders, clients or suppliers, they can improve the quality of their communication. This is a practical workshop with lots of communication opportunities.

Differences of opinion, big or small, can create conflict. Conflict in the workplace is often inevitable and resolving it in the best way can lead to new opportunities and improved relationships. This workshop helps participants to feel more comfortable in choosing how they approach a conflict situation.

Each of your employees are making around 35,000 decisions every day. These are a mix of subconscious routine ones and more complex, significant ones. This workshop helps participants understand their decision making processes to improve the decisions they make.

According to a recent Gallup survey, only 15% of millennials reported that they routinely asked for feedback, yet they also acknowledged the value in regular feedback. This workshop helps participants ask for feedback in a way that makes it easier for the giver to provide more insightful feedback that is also unpackable.

This workshop helps participants to set goals or objectives as part of their personal development and/or the yearly performance cycle. We know that individuals are more invested in achieving their goals if they have been involved in setting them, rather than the goals being given to them.

Dealing with more senior colleagues or stakeholders often requires a shift in approach to account for different power styles, priorities and responsibilities they may have. This workshop provides skills, tips and techniques that will help employees to develop the right working relationships with their managers and leaders.

This workshop enables participants to negotiate with colleagues or clients either formally or informally. There is live practice and feedback built in giving participants the opportunity to put their learning into practice. We cover the key fundamentals of negotiation approaches and methodology along with tips and ideas.

We are born as master influencers as it is essential for survival. And yet, our influencing ability declines as we mature, as we develop, limiting default influencing approaches. This workshop helps participants to explore and learn a variety of ways to both influence and persuade others.

This workshop encourages participants to bolster mental and emotional resilience to better cope with the tough situations they often have to deal with at work. Participants explore how to better understand themselves and the brain so that they can apply the practical approaches covered.

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