Introduction to the Food and Beverage Industry


Welcome to your Level 1 Introduction to the Food and Beverage Industry. In this content you will study the basic principles of Licensing Law, including Licensable Activities the Objectives of The Licensing Act 2003, the Current Fines enforced and Age Awareness. The content also looks at Health & Safety and the responsibilities of both the individual and the employer, Manual Handling, Glass Handling and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This also covers Food Safety and Personal Hygiene, looking at the Regulations that are in place, Personal Hygiene and how to avoid Contamination and Illness and also explores Allergens and the symptoms of Food Allergies and control measures. The content also covers Social Awareness and Equality & Diversity, looking at everything from Suspicious Items, Right of Entry, Potential Conflict through to Discrimination, Supporting Customers with varying needs, Bullying and Harassment and how to respond to Complaints.


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