Stand By Me – Dementia


THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE CONTENT  Improve communication and care for people with dementia across the patient journey, from pre-diagnosis through to care at home, emergency care, hospital admission, care home admission and end of life care.The content incorporates six video dramatisations across different settings. Users can follow Maggie and Mick as Maggie receives a diagnosis of dementia, gets help at home and moves into a residential care home. They can then follow Marty and Mary, and Marty’s family, as he receives emergency medical care, stays on an acute hospital ward and nears the end of his life. Each of the video dramatisations is embedded in a set of reflective questions based on the VIPS Framework, giving the users the opportunity to reflect on their own practice, the challenges they face in their roles and the practice within their organisations. Additional video content is included from professionals across a range of health and social care settings, and from families of people living with dementia. It includes detailed factual information on person-centred care, the nature and different types of dementia and the different ways the symptoms of dementia can be managed


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